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The UK outdoor leisure sector is set for a period of unprecedented demand as the staycation market booms. New and existing operators need to provide interesting, inovative and quality facilities to make the most of this opportunity.

Fit Outdoor Finance is familiar with funding the type of equipment and facilities which will put your oudoor leisure business ahead of the game.

Unlike many funders or brokers, we don’t have a list of assets that can or can’t be financed – instead we look at the value of the specific asset to your leisure business. For example, a rope walk might offer little asset security to a lender, but it could be central to a business offering a viewing experience, hence it is an asset of interest to our lenders.

Assets we can finance include (but aren't limited to):

Whether you are start up with a clear plan, an established site updating your facilities or a multi-site operator adding new locations, Fit Outdoor Finance would like to discuss your funding requirements.

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